Radowell Project

The future depends on competitivenessM.Veselsky

Main aim of the project: creating conditions for comfortable living and work in the village.

Project tasks:

  • revival of the rural community in Ukraine
  • development of mechanisms for the creation of wealthy rural communities

Administrative centre of Radowell community is the village of Radowell, Olevsky district, Zhytomyr region.

The village of Radowell was founded in 1496.

Radowell Village Council has in its subordination villages Poiasky and Rudnia-Radowellska.

The population is 1,249 people.

Projects influencing people’s lives

Education space

The school before
This is the project of the educational space
This is the educational space that has been built

Creating a modern educational space on the basis of a state general education school.

Construction of a new nursery school, creating technical and technological capabilities to introduce modern methodology of working with children.

Purpose of the educational space:

  • creating conditions for child development
  • creating conditions for parenting development (engagement)
  • creating conditions for teaching development
  • creating conditions for community development


  • setting up a permanently functioning hub for parents and teachers capable of self-development
  • properly equipping the educational space with modern technology

General guidelines

The concept of the “Modern educational space” project foresees:

  • creating conditions for developing certain character traits based on spiritual values, teaching children to be individually and socially successful, teaching the children to fill their lives with meaning, finding their place in society a world of constant change.
    This means: career building, respecting family, developing social ties, not being afraid of amking mistakes, because it’s not about academic success (doing well at school), but about success in life.
  • laying the groundwork for academic learning, physical and creative development
  • providing quality educational services, creating optimum terms for the comprehensive education of children and adults, and also active cooperation between teachers, parents and children

Olevs’k District Council made a decision to restructure Radowell Secondary School in Radowell Biotechnological Lyceum on May 8, 2018.

15th of September 2018 saw the opening of “Radowell” BTL.

The lyceum's mission is to evolve together – parents, students, teachers, community!

Local business

Source of budget funding, source of income for local residents, creating a prosperous social group responsible for the community (creating a “community skeleton”), setting precedent for successful agricultural business on small land plots, setting up conditions for the development of agricultural business in communities located within 35-50 km from Radowell.

Areas of business:

Growing of berries with a target of 100% for export sales. The initial plantings on an area of up to 50 hectares provide for growing based on conventional technology with the subsequent transition to the organic berries growing.

The development of berries business involves organization of production related to berries picking, chilling, freezing, making jams, packaging and storing.

Growing cucumbers/tomatoes in greenhouses located on plots of land attached to houses is focused on selling cultivated vegetables exclusively in domestic market. This business can be run by both large families and lonely people. The production module will provide processing (chilling) and packaging of vegetables (preparation for transportation).

Apiculture provides for the creation of 5-7 entrepreneurs (with 100-300 hives each) who will focus on producing organic beekeeping products for selling on the foreign markets.

A business plan is planned to be developed for each direction.

Business should be owned by families living in the community.

Land. All land shares must be registered to persons who are entitled to share. There should not be a single plot of land with indefinite status left in the community.

It is planned to establish a cooperative that will hold assets and provide services to the business sector, community and its residents, including: sale, picking, packaging, learning to use new technologies, planting material, methodological (technical, agronomic, laboratory) support, soil management (crop rotation), learning and technology control, education, etc.

Developing training programs to run agrarian business (entrepreneurship) according to relevant directions.

Setting up commercial infrastructure for the sale of produced goods.

Medical services

Ambulance was purchased in Germany
The rural ambulatory before
This is the project of the medical center
This is the project of the medical center
The medical center is being built

Aim: increasing life expectancy and improving quality of life

The concepts envisions a medical institution and team of highly qualified medical personnel, that shall perform five main functions:

Medical services provide for the construction of high-technology family medicine out-patient clinic (of a technologically advanced medical center), availability of ambulances with high-tech equipment and presence of highly qualified healthcare personnel.

The health care institution is planned to run according to European treatment guidelines and cooperate closely with leading European physicians.

Housing for specialists

This is the project of the guest house
This is the guest house that has been built
This is the guest house that has been built

Highly qualified specialists are required to be involved to implement projects successfully. Specialists are being attracted in view of the idea of living and working in a modern village.

Specialists are assumed to work in the village on both temporary and permanent bases. The construction of temporary residences (guest house) is planned for in-residence specialists. For permanent specialists it is planned to construct semi-detached cottages with 6-7 square meters plots of land which will be provided as service housing with the possibility to be transferred to private ownership in the future under certain conditions.

Sports infrastructure development

This is the playground that has been built
This is the playground that has been built
This is the playground that has been built
This is the playground that has been built

The project foresees building a sports-ground with synthetic turf (for football, sized 60x40), reconstructing football pitch with grass and automatic sprinkler system (the size of the stadium is intended to correspond to UEFA requirements), building a volleyball court, constructing a sports-ground for bodybuilding, building an obstacle course, building a skatepark.

Infrastructure projects

Communication Project

“Radowell” Multimedia Newsroom

The development of IT technologies has opened a new industry of content creation and distribution. Local universal multimedia has started to emerge in European countries, bringing all media platforms under the same roof, breaking down the walls between the TV, radio, print media and web departments.

The “Radowell” Local Multimedia Newsroom Project will become an effective communication channel and a source of up-to-date news and other media content (musical, educational, etc.).

The Newsroom of the Radowell community will produce the following content:

  • daily news and articles for websites of Radowell community and “Radowell” Biotechnological Lyceum
  • weekly Digest Newspaper (2 pages)
  • video plots for websites
  • Radowell will have its own radio station, distributed on FM radio and via Internet
  • vision radio talk-show program broadcasting from radio studio

Building public space

We intend to construct an open-air recreation and entertainment space and a building that shall serve as a public space.

The public space shall house:

  • culture and entertainment space (a cinema, a music school for adults, space for arts, crafts and workmanship, a school museum and general museum (with real furnace), a library, an internet club with space allocated for PC user training course), a conference hall for conferences of various levels (for example a regional teachers’ seminar)
  • commercial retail areas (office premises, food stores, bakery, hall for events with a large number of people (christening, weddings and others), pharmacy, veterinary medicine dispensary, a coffee shop
  • areas for providing services (fitness, beauty salon, spa, post office)

Care for people in need of help

The community will be concerned about people in need of help.

Primarily when it comes to lonely elderly people.

We foresee the construction of a housing facility for the elderly in Radowell village that could function jointly on both a commercial and social basis.


The security system concept (fire safety, business security, home security, public safety) foresees:

  • building a fire safety centre (specialized space to station a fire truck and a team of firefighters)
  • the presence of a local police inspector
  • property protection hardware
  • opening a branch office of a private security firm or creating a private security firm

Restructuring of local authorities

Establishing effective self-regulation mechanisms (providing convenient services to the population, a list of services required for this, reasons why people appeal to the council), complete transparency of the authorities’ work.

Assets inventory (land, real estate) of the community and documentation of the village council.

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