Educational Space

Creation of an up-to-date educational space based on the New Ukrainian School model for state secondary schools.


  • The purpose of the educational space is to create conditions that will support:
  • - children’s development
  • - parents’ development (i.e. their involvement)
  • - teachers’ development
  • - community development


  • TASKS:
  • - forming a permanent unit of teachers trained in contemporary methods and parents capable of self-development
  • - sourcing and purchasing the required technical equipment


  • The New Ukrainian School model is designed to strengthen children’s:
  • - creative development
  • - knowledge of, and interest in, the sciences
  • - physical development
  • - ability to think and make decisions independently
  • - personal values and behaviour
  • - ability to live a life with meaning and find their place in society in the face of a constant change


*for more information visit site of BTL "Radowell"

Olevs’k District Council made a decision to restructure Radowell Secondary School in Radowell Biotechnological Lyceum on May 8, 2018.

15th of September 2018 saw the opening of “Radowell” BTL.

The lyceum's mission is to evolve together – parents, students, teachers, community!