Local business

Source of budget filling, source of income of local people, creation of a layer of wealthy village
population responsible for the community (creation of a "backbone of the community"),
creation of a precedent for successful agricultural business in small areas of land, creation of
conditions for development of agricultural business in communities located within 35- 50 km
from Radowell.

  • cultivation of berries (blueberry / raspberry) on an industrial scale (within 10 years to bring cultivation on an area of 1 000 hectares and in private gardens)
  • growing cucumbers / tomatoes in greenhouses located in the private gardens (within 5 years to build 200 greenhouses with an area of 500-600 square meters each)
  • beekeeping (to prove the total number of beehives - 1 000 pcs in 5 years)

Growing berries - a landmark of 100% export sales. The first plantations in the area up to 50 hectares should be grown according to conventional technology, followed by the transfer to organic methods of growing berries.

The development of the berry business involves the construction of production of sorting berries, cooling, freezing, jams, packaging and storage.

Growing cucumbers / tomatoes in greenhouses in private gardens is focused on the sale of locally grown vegetables exclusively.

Not only large families but also single people will be able to run this business. The production module will provide processing (cooling) and packaging of vegetables (preparation for transportation).

Beekeeping - involves the creation of 5-7 entrepreneurs (100-300 beehives), which will be focused on the production of organic beekeeping products oriented for sale in foreign markets.

There is a business plan for each area.

The business must belong to the families living in the community.

Land: All land units must be issued to the people who are entitled to them. There should not be a single patch of land of uncertain status left in the community. The land should be owned by the people living in the community.

It is envisaged to create a Cooperative that will own the assets and provide services to business, community and community residents, including: sales, sorting, packaging, development of new technologies, planting material, methodological (technical, agronomic, laboratory) support, area management (crop rotation) , technology training and control, planting material, training, and more.

Establishment of agrarian business (entrepreneurship) training programs in the relevant areas.

Creation of commercial infrastructure for sale of manufactured products.